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Exciting Updates to Thailand’s Visa Policy from June 1, 2024 !

The Camp Gym

Starting June 1, 2024, Thailand has made significant changes to its visa policy to boost tourism and attract more visitors. These changes aim to simplify the visa process for tourists and long-term visitors, especially those interested in extended Muay Thai training, making Thailand an even more attractive destination. As of today, June 10, here are the key updates on the new visa policies:

1. Expansion of Visa-Exempt Countries

The number of visa-exempt countries has increased from 57 to 93. Visitors from these countries, can now stay in Thailand for up to 60 days without a visa, compared to the previous 30-day limit.

2. Destination Thailand Visa (DTV)

A new visa category has been introduced for digital nomads, remote workers, sports professionals (such as those coming for Muay Thai training), and medical tourists. This visa allows a stay of 180 days, with the possibility of a 180-day extension. The cost is 10,000 Baht per 180 days, but it requires opening a Thai bank account and depositing a security deposit of 500,000 Baht. This might be a bit challenging for some.

※ Summary of DTV Visa benefits and requirements

     - Valid for 5 years with multiple entries allowed.

     - Requirements include being over 20 years old and providing financial evidence of a guarantor with a credit limit of over 500,000 Baht.

     - Working with a local company without a proper work permit is not allowed with the DTV Visa.

3. Lowered Health Insurance Requirements for Retirement Visas

   - Starting September 1, 2024, the health insurance requirement for long-term stay visas (O/A visas) for retirees has been reduced from 3 million Baht to 440,000 Baht.

These comprehensive changes in visa requirements are great news for tourists, digital nomads, Muay Thai enthusiasts, and retirees! The simplification of the visa process and the extension of stay periods are expected to significantly boost the tourism sector, with the Thai government aiming to welcome 80 million foreign tourists by 2027.

In addition to this, a new “Muay Thai Soft Power Visa” is also being introduced, allowing stays of up to 90 days specifically for Muay Thai training purposes. This visa does not require opening a bank account or providing a minimum deposit balance of 500,000 Baht, making it more accessible than the DTV Visa. (We will update you with more information as it becomes available.)

For those who wish to train in Muay Thai for more than 90 days, obtaining a Muay Thai study visa (student visa) remains the easiest option. This visa does not require a minimum deposit balance and allows stays from 6 months to up to 2 years.

Introducing The Camp Muay Thai Academy’s New Programs

The Camp Muay Thai Academy will be officially licensed by the Ministry of Education of Thailand as a Muay Thai school. This recognition allows us to provide higher-quality Muay Thai services as a government-approved educational institution to people from all over the world. We will start accepting applications for our first batch of students in July - August 2024.

We are introducing new long-term study visa programs without changing our traditional training. Specifically, we will offer 6-month or 12-month Muay Thai study programs. These programs will provide a thorough education in Muay Thai techniques, history, and the Thai culture behind it, aiming to create “Muay Thai Masters.” We also offer coaching programs for those aspiring to become Muay Thai instructors.

Who Can Join?

Anyone can participate, regardless of experience or gender. However, the age requirement for the Muay Thai visa program is 13 years and older.

Required Procedures:

First, you need a passport with sufficient validity. The visa application process typically takes about 1-2 months. For details on costs and other procedures, please contact us directly via email.

Recently, many people from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia have come to study Muay Thai. Their motivations for joining the program vary widely.

“I want to learn Muay Thai intensively for a period.”

“I purely want to become stronger in martial arts.”

“I want to master Muay Thai.”

“I want to fulfill my dream of becoming a world champion.”

“I aim to become a professional Muay Thai coach who can work globally.”

On the other hand, some participants are looking for a new experience and a long-term stay in Thailand, using the Muay Thai educational visa to their advantage.

“I want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and start something new.”

“I just want to live in my beloved Thailand for a while.”

“I want to live in Thailand after retirement.”

Moreover, some people, especially young families or individuals from conflict zones, seek a peaceful environment away from the war for a few years.

The Appeal of Muay Thai Studies:

Muay Thai is arguably the number one stand-up fighting sport in the world. For those aiming to excel in martial arts, training in Thailand provides the best environment. Imagine waking up and stepping right into the gym, with your bed just a few steps away after practice!

Additionally, the allure of living in Thailand lies in its low cost of living and excellent safety.

Of course, Chiang Mai has many language schools where you can learn languages alongside Muay Thai. You can learn Thai at much lower costs.

Expanding the options for where and how people can live is always a good thing. Our address is Earth. Stepping out of your current city to spend wonderful time abroad might just be the key to discovering a new you.

See you in Chiang Mai!



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