Normal 90min group session (150min for Advanced and Pro) 

includes ; 

Warm up

There are various kinds of warm up depending on the level and size of the class as well as weather condition, etc. Some sessions we go for a run in our beautiful neighborhood, other sessions, we warm up by skipping rope or tire bounce followed by stretching, shadow boxing and fun footwork drills.


Everyday we focus on different techniques and drills depending on the student level.

The students will one-on-one pad work for 3 - 8 rounds depending on level.


The heavy bag becomes a tool for developing efficient power, not absolute power.

You need power punches and kicking in order to strengthen your fight muscle but make sure to control energy. Pay attention, stay balance, and work that bag! 

The Camp skilled instructor will direct you how to get efficient bag works.


We believe Drills is the most important part of Muay Thai training and students should spend more time on this.,

We focus on drills for all 3 parts ; Striking, Defending and Counter Attacking.

We combine various part of these drills depending on the situation. 


We have an optional sparing session who would like to test and improve your skill to the next level. The sparring allows students to practice and utilize their skills against opponent. Usually sparring is done at 20-50% speed and power, and students must wear shin pad, mouthpiece and head guards to prevent injury. The gloves should be 16oz or above.



We also focus on building your fitness base by using Muay Thai movement such as kicking, Kneeing, punching  etc. Intensity will vary depending on your physical strength and skill level. ex) Advanced / Professional class require more than 500 kicks and Knees.


Clinching is absolutely yet another weapon for fighters. It takes time to get your body used to the movement naturally, so we should spare enough training time for this, ideally 3-4 times a week. Our well-experienced trainers teach you how to manage the clinching in real fight. You will be super exhausted but it's worthy for sure.

Stretch – Cool Down

After an every intense session, it is important to stretch well in order to recover quickly and be ready for the next session. It improves your flexibility and thus prevent injury.

Every cool down will be followed by some meditation. The Camp instructor will guide you properly.

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