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1. 08:30-10:00

2. 10:30-12:00

3. 15:30-17:00

4. 17:30-19:00

Each session is 90min.

*On weekdays, from Mon-Sat, 8:30 to 19:00 / 4 classes a day.
Closed on Sunday, however Private session is available upon request.
(Pre-booking required)

Sample training menu (Intermediate level)


Depending on student level, size of the class or weather condition, 
we offer various warm up programs such as  running, rope skipping, tire bounce, touch feet / head / shoulder.

​followed by warming up stretching in order to get ready for hard workout.



Shadow boxing and foot work are one of the most important basics for Muaythai. We check posture, body balance, footwork, speed and accuracy. Without correct footwork, you can NOT move efficiently. Always good posture with fluid movement is the key for success.


100% technique focus pad work. We do many repetition drills and combinations wth footwork. It means nothing just to follow pad work randomly, but you need to set up clear focus at each round such as speed, power or flow, etc. Normally we offer 4min x 8-10 rounds pad work based on your level or request.


The heavy bag becomes a tool for developing efficient power, not absolute power.

You need power punches and kicking in order to strengthen your fight muscle however you need to make sure to control energy.


Technique Drills is another important part of Muay Thai training.

We suggest students should spend more time on this.

We categorize drills into 3 purposes ;

Striking, Defence and Counter Attacking. Our coach guide you​ how to work out effectively


Optional sparing session for who would like to test and improve skill to the next level. The sparring allows students to practice and utilize their skills against opponent.

For safety reason, we do not allow student sparring each other. Student must sparring with skilled trainers.


Repetition work out makes more sense to build your fitness.

 Training intensity can be adjustable depending on your physical strength or skill level.

Advanced and professional class require more than 500 kicks and knees for each leg 


​We do not want to spend much time for clinching. Normal 40-45min clinching is a lot of time and we want our student to spend more useful and valuable time for technique base training. 

Of course we do clinching as requested.

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