Where is your gym located ?

Please see the map here The easiest way to get our gym is by Uber or Grab.

How many training session per day ?

We have 4 sessions everyday for all levels. If you want to book personal training, you can choose any time during hour operation hours (8:00-20:00, Final check in is at 18:30)

When are your training sessions ?

We have 5 training session everyday. 9:00-10:30, 11:00-12:30, 16:30-18:00, 18:30-20:00 Each session is 90min intensive training including warm up and cool down. In between each session, you can book the personal training with our instructor.

How much does it cost for training ?

Please check Pricing Table here
Except training fee, you need following rental fee if you do not bring your own.
- Glove rental @100THB - Handwrap rental @50THB - Rental T-shirts @100THB - Rental shorts @100THB - Shower amenity @200THB (Towels, Shampoo, Rinse)

How can I arrange a private lesson ?

The private session is 90min, and you can book at any time during our class hours. The cost is 2500THB per person. It is only One on one session and we do not have semi-group lesson. Please make a booking from here.

Any activity while staying Chiang Mai ?

Our gym is located near the city, just 15min from centre. You can find any attractions and activities easily.
Our reception can also suggest some interesting activities, such as mountain biking, swimming, exploring cafe, trecking, Thai cooking, Yoga, etc etc. Pls ask our reception staff.

Do you have a boxing shop ?

Yes, we have a Fairtex Proshop. It is the largest Fairtex Proshop in Chiang Mai and we have many selections. All brand new.

Places to eat close to the gym ?

Our gym is located at one of the most yummy street in Chiangmai ! Ask our reception about our selected food map.

What do I need to bring for training ?

Take it easy. Only you need only Training Wear and Towel. If you have your own equipment, bring them pls. We also have a Fairtex Proshop, you can get Apparel, Boxing equipment, Handwrap, Drink, or anything you need at the shop.

What are the classes like ?

Please check this about The Camp Training Class.

Do I need experience to start ?

No, not at all. Our instructor take care and guide all level of students. There are many girls, kids, and elder people who are new to this sports.

Who is your typical customer ?

Our customers are well diversified. Not only local Thai people, but also many customer from overseas, such as US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Australia, Singapore, China, Korea or Japan, etc. Some of them are professional fighters, some elite athletes, some fitness lover, and of course tourists=mostly beginner.

Is it safe ?

Yes, Safety is our 1st priority. The Camp sets very strict conduct rules and regulations in order to protect our customers from injuries and accidents. We do not let students sparring each other. Our well trained and experienced instructors watch students all the time and manage each class very carefully.

I am 60 years old, can I join the class ?

Yes, of course. Age means nothing, it's just the number. Everybody can join and enjoy this sports ! Our oldest customer was 75 years old ! Our well trained and experienced instructor will guide you properly. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

What about women class ?

Nowadays, Muaythai becomes more and more popular among many women. For diet, for relief from stress, for self protection, etc. We have various training program which suit for women students. Let's check it out !

Can children join the classes ?

Only kids over 6 years old can participate kids class, however if less than 6 years old, we request one Adult should be accompanied by kids. Pls make sure Muaythai is combat sports and your kids may have unexpected injury during class although we pay full attention to avoid it. Pls ask at reception if you have any concerns or text us.

What are the hours of operation ?

We are open 6 days a week. We are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm with 4 classes running throughout the day.We open Sunday only for Private lesson. We suggest to pre-book all the class so that your seat is sure to reserved.

I have no intention ever competing, can I still train at the Camp ?

Of course yes. There are many customers who come and train for fitness and enjoy. Please feel free to come and see the gym.

How big is the class ?

It depends on the number of customers and the size of class will be changed day by day, from time to time. Our traning area is 9000 sqf with 4 sets of 8m x 8m rings. so there are enough space to train. Each class will be split based on the level and experience of customer. Normally each group is less than 10 people.

Where can I stay while training at the Camp ?

There are so many charming accommodations in Chiang Mai but we are more than happy to recommend you to stay with us.
We offer Training package which includes Room and Training at affordable price.
Our hotel is inside the gym facility, you do not need any transportation, easy to train, and it's lovely area with many nice restaurants and activities around the gym.
Also we have a guest dormitory within 1min from the gym. Good for students or backpackers or for those who want to save money and stay longer.

Where can I eat ?

What do you wanna eat ? We have many selection of yummy restaurants from International cuisine to Asian such as French, Italian, India, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish or some Fusions cuisine, etc. Our foodie staffs carefully select the best restaurants in Chiang Mai and you will get restaurant map at our reception. please feel free to inquire us.

What makes The Camp different from other Gyms ?

We are all living in the same industry and therefore respect all of other gyms. We believe some differences from other gyms are 1. Our unique training program ; Hybrid of Traditional Muay Thai training and the latest world class martial arts Techinique programmed . For more details, here . 2. One of the largest gym in Nothern Thailand and super clean and comfortable facility. 3. The nicest and the most friendly staffs in the planet give you the best experience and quality of service. Seeing is believing. Welcome to The Camp !

What does typical Muay Thai Class look like ?

Please check here.

Can I take private 1 - on -1 lesson with The Camp instructor ?

Yes, of course. It's worth trying our 'First Class' private lesson, which makes you different.
Pre-booking is required from here.

How do I get started ?

Easy ! Just sign up / book a class online.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

How long do you need for preparetion before the classes ?

We strongly suggest our customers to come at least 15-20min before the class in order to save your training time at the class. Especially if you are the first time visitor, you will need a sign up, registlation, payment, and then changing your clothes, etc.

I am aiming at fighting. Can you arrange the fight for me ?

Yes, of course. Let's discuss together about your training menu as well as and best place timing. Contact us

I am gym owner. Can I bring our students to your Camp ?

Yes, we are more than happy to accept passionate group of students all the time. Please book preliminarily to reserve your seat from here.

Can you provide the special boot Camp for my team ?

Yes, so far we have many of inquiries like this. Please contact us to discuss about the date, goal, size of camp, etc.

Can you hold my membership ?

We do not hold your membership in any reason.
If you bought 5 times tickets, it shall be expired in 2months. 10times tickets is valid for 3 months. If you are not confident that you can come within valid period, you'd better buy Drop in fee at each time.
Only exception is Covid-19. Due to Thai Gov't declaration of emergency, all of Muaythai gym must close for certain period until Gov't turn on Green sign. We can hold your membership during this business suspension period. If you have any questions, pls contact us.

Can you tell me about Membership option ?

We have following option. 1. Drop in @800THB 2. Tickets : 5times @3750THB, 10times @7000THB 3. Membership : 1month @10000THB, 3month @27000THB, 6month @48000THB 4. Training package : Room + Training You can buy membership online.
Pls make sure all of membership is Non refundable, Non transferrable, and Not hold.
Should you have any questions, pls contact us.

Do you have any discount or promotion ?

Sorry, we do not have any discount or promotion only exception is Family dicount for more than 4 people. (all of your family name must be same)
All of our price is honest from the beginning and no further room to negotiate. We know it's quite common and well seen throughout this country, however we have a strong confident to set our value at reasonable level. Pls come and try our training, and unless you are satisfied with us or like it, you can choose other gym. See here more about our training.

Do you have any family discount ?

If you're big family more than 4pax, we give you 10% family discount for all. Just 3 of you, we do NOT. All of family name should be same.
For more information, pls inquire us.

Can I share my membership with my frined ?

No, you can NOT. The membership belongs to each person and therefore you can not share your tickets or membership with others. Also you can not give your membership to others.

Support language ?

We speak English, Thai, and Japanese. Most of our communication in the gym can be done in English. We also have Thai, Chinese and Japanese website, pls check here.