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The Joy of Roadwork: Running Training at The Camp Muay Thai Academy

Naoya run training

In the world of martial arts, roadwork is a cornerstone of any training regimen. At The Camp Muay Thai Academy, we take our running seriously, hosting sessions every morning from 6:00 to 7:30 AM. While primarily for fighters, anyone eager for a challenge is welcome to join!

Here’s a rundown of our weekly schedule, with the exception of Sundays when we rest our weary legs:

10km LSD Jog: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

We start from the gym, run along the Royal Ratchaphruek Park, pass through a tunnel of trees, and continue through the Mae Hia Agricultural Center at Chiang Mai University, before retracing our steps back to the gym. It’s a 10km course at a comfortable pace, perfect for getting into the zone.

1000m x 6 Intervals (1-minute rest): Tuesday

We jog 4km from the gym to the Royal Park Ratchaphruek, passing through the Night Safari grounds. Once there, it’s time for serious interval training: six 1000m sprints, each under 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Miss the mark, and you’ll be doing an extra rep. After the intervals, it’s a leisurely jog back to the gym.

400m x 10 Intervals (1-minute rest): Thursday

Similar to Tuesday, but this time it’s 400m sprints at the Royal Park Ratchaphruek. The goal? Ten sprints, each under 50 seconds. Be prepared to feel the burn!

Hill Climb (2 rounds): Saturday

We tackle the hill leading to Doi Kham Temple. We jog 3km to the base of the hill, then either take the road or the long staircase to the temple. At the top, we engage in pad work, strength training, and hill sprints before jogging back down. And then we do it all over again. The reward? A stunning sunrise view over Chiang Mai.

Despite our tough training, Chiang Mai is a runner-friendly city. The annual Chiang Mai Marathon in December attracts runners from all over Thailand. The cool early mornings make it an ideal time to explore the city on foot.

Recommended Running Spots in Chiang Mai

1. Nong Buak Haad Park

Located in the Old City, this park is perfect for post-run dining and sightseeing. It features a well-paved loop around a reservoir, popular with walkers and joggers. The park also offers a cafe and morning yoga sessions, making it a great spot to relax.

2. Ang Kaew Reservoir

This 1.5km loop is situated within Chiang Mai University. It’s shaded and has plenty of benches, making it a favorite among local runners and students. After your run, enjoy a coffee at the trendy "Living a Dream" cafe.

3. Huay Tung Tao

A 5km loop around the lake with small hills and beautiful sunrise views. It’s a challenging run with a rewarding scenery. The area also hosts local races and features lakeside restaurants and cafes.

Feeling the itch to run yet? Even Floyd Mayweather’s daily 20km runs at a blistering pace are a testament to the power of perseverance. So, lace up your shoes, and let’s hit the road!



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