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Chiang Mai, Thailand


The largest Muay Thai Gym in Northern Thailand with total 9000 sqf training area.
Clean floor with 50mm thick Dollamur mat support your foodwork and protect you from injury.

12 Full time 

12 Full Time professional trainers take care of our customers. The class looks like semi private lesson or private lesson.

22 Heavy bags

Total 22 various type of Fairtex heavy bags are set in the training area.

We have many unique Bag Training program menu.

You can enjoy them for sure.

​1 vs 2-3

Total 12 experienced trainers standing by at the gym training area. 

Instructor vs Student ratio is 1:3 or less.We do not leave you alone in the gym.

8m x 8m x 4

4 Sets of 8m x 8m international size rings in the training space.

You can feel like world class real fighter on it. The experience is priceless.

Weight Training

New weight training area is ready for your strength & condition training.

The latest brand new training machines are available here.

Within 15min

Gym is located in

Hang Dong, one of the most beautiful and richest area in Chiangmai. Just 15min from International airport as well as Nimmanhenmin street.

​What do you want ?

I like traditional Muaythai but prefer to do modern training, rather than old school method.

​I am long stayer, therefore I need a clean and comfortable accommodation.

I want to lose my weight with good training. Better to have food control program as well.

I hate the type of  unprofessional coaches such as drunk, harrasing, arrogant, flirting with students, etc

I want to learn real fight techniques for competition rather than just fitness training.

​I want to train both boxing and Muaythai.

I am looking for the gym where is available about international  languagecommunication 

I do not want to train at dirty, messy, foul smelling, sloppy managed gym. 

During my stay, ​I want to enjoy off training activities such as Cycling, Hiking, Swiming, Golfing, Cooking, City tour, etc. 


Training program is designed for all students who really want to train and focus on taking their skills to a higher level as well as achieving their personal goals, regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been training Muay Thai for some time.

The Camp is pure Muaythai Training Academy however we do not stick to Thai old school style.


We believe Training should be smart, scientific, logical and effective. You can learn both traditional and the latest training method here. 

Also we focus more on basic technique, such as footwork, posture, speed and accuracy rather than just power. All of techniques what you learn here are useful for REAL fight.

We never waste your precious time. 

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