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The Ultimate Goal of Dieting: A Path to Sustainable Health - Tips for diet

Brown rice

Tips for diet

What is the ultimate purpose of dieting? It's about living a healthy life, not just achieving the ideal six-pack. Dieting should be sustainable and beneficial for both your mind and body.

Throughout human history, we've survived through periods of famine. Some studies suggest that "hunger" activates the sirtuin genes, known for their role in extending lifespan. Modern humans, however, tend to overeat. When your stomach feels tired, skipping or lightening your meals to give your digestive system a break is a fundamental medical principle.

At The Camp, we recommend starting your diet by gradually reducing your meal portions. Begin by leaving one-third of your food uneaten. Always leave some food on your plate, even if it feels wasteful initially (you can order smaller portions to start). Once you get used to this, reduce your meals from three to two per day, ultimately aiming for one meal a day.

Ideal Balanced Diet

An ideal diet is said to consist of 85% plant-based foods and 15% animal-based foods, a ratio derived from the number of human teeth. Humans have 32 teeth: 4 canines for meat, 14 teeth for plants, 4 incisors, and 10 molars. This 7:1 ratio of plant to animal foods is a divine design that we should incorporate into our daily diet.

Listen to your body when deciding what to eat. If you're craving salty foods, your body might be needing minerals. A desire for sweets may indicate a need for carbohydrates. Satisfy these cravings in moderation to fulfill your brain's needs without overindulging. Always choose high-quality, natural foods without pesticides or artificial additives.

Foods to Eat and Avoid

While Western medicine often advises against excessive salt intake, salt is a vital mineral for us. Don't be overly cautious about consuming it. On the other hand, avoid white foods like sugar, rice, bread, and wheat, as they are often artificially processed.

Excessive consumption of fruits and vegetables is also not advisable. While salads are popular in diets, raw vegetables can cool the body. Opt for warm vegetables, like those cooked in a tagine, instead. Fructose from fruits, when consumed excessively, can make blood sugar regulation challenging. Whole grains like brown rice already contain all necessary nutrients, reducing the need for large amounts of fruits and vegetables.

A grain-centric diet, aligned with the human dental structure, is ideal. If we consider a healthy lifespan of 80 years, we spend 27 years sleeping, 10 years eating, and 5 years in the bathroom, leaving only 38 years of active life. Reducing meal frequency can save 3-4 years of unnecessary time, making your life more productive. Many great minds like Einstein and Edison ate just one meal a day, dedicating their saved time to research and exploration.

For those who live to eat, this might seem controversial, but we eat to live a healthy life, not the other way around. In a world where food scarcity still affects many children, our meals should be minimal. Apart from growing children, we need very little food. Less is more for health.

The Danger of Low-Carb Diets

Low-carb diets are extremely dangerous and should be avoided. The brain's energy comes entirely from carbohydrates. Without them, you'll feel tired and lose concentration. Lack of carbohydrates forces the body to use muscle for energy, reducing muscle mass and lowering metabolic rate.

Carbohydrates should be replenished quickly after exercise. Ideally, consume sufficient carbohydrates from brown rice or whole-grain bread immediately after training. Try The Camp's brown rice balls to replenish your carbs.

Carbohydrate-restricted diets gain popularity due to their short-term weight loss effects, driven by commercial interests rather than natural principles. Always aim to keep your body warm. A one-degree rise in body temperature boosts immunity by 4-5 times. Fever during a cold or COVID-19 infection is the body's way of enhancing immune function to fight the virus. Especially for women, maintaining a warm body temperature is crucial for metabolic health.

Avoid cold drinks. Generally, tea warms the body, while coffee cools it. Prefer tea over coffee, but a cup of coffee before training can aid fat burning (in moderation). This can be a good excuse for coffee lovers!

Fasting for Better Health

Your organs have been working non-stop since birth. Occasionally, give them a break by saying, "Thank you for always working hard. Today, you can rest." At The Camp, we recommend small fasts every weekend. Light lunch on Saturday, skip dinner, and have a light vegetable soup for Sunday lunch. This 24-hour fasting period rests your organs. After this, you'll feel lighter, sleep better, and concentrate more. Try this for a few months and you'll notice significant improvements in your immunity and overall health.

Boosting Immunity with Superfoods

Introducing superfoods that aid your immune system, available at our gym cafe:

1. Cold-Pressed Juice

Made from organic carrots, apples, and lemons, this juice contains no sugar or additives. Replace one daily meal with this juice. Using a slow blender maximizes nutrient retention, especially vitamin C.

2. Brown Rice

We offer enzyme brown rice, a nutritious staple rich in GABA, an amino acid known for stress relief and improved sleep. It also aids digestion and blood pressure regulation.

3. Homemade Georgian Yogurt

Our Georgian yogurt, served with oats, cereals, berries, and honey, originates from the Caucasus region, renowned for its longevity. The unique texture and creaminess of our yogurt, due to the EPS compound, make it superior to other yogurts. Try it in our smoothies, made with Brazilian acai berries or local organic bananas.

Embrace minimal eating, savor the joy of good health, and make the most of your one and only life.

Stay healthy!

The Camp Muay Thai Academy



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