The Camp program is aimed for students who really want to train and focus on taking their skills to a higher level as well as achieving their personal goals.

- Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have been training Muay Thai for some time.

- We dedicate to teach traditional Muay Thai with safe and comfortable training environment. 


Chaowaroj (Chao) Saksiriboon

Master Chao is one of Thailand’s most qualified, experienced and technically proficient coaches. 

He draws on a strong foundation of traditional Muay Thai.  Over a 262 fight career, “the Saint Fighter” fought against some of the best Thai fighters in the world, including Saenchai ; 231 win, 29 loss, 2 draw  

He is also a qualified Cuban boxing practitioner and instructor.  Trained by Ismael Salas (WBC coach of the year 1996, and the trainer of Danny Green and many other champions), he has coached professional and amateur boxers all around the world.  

But most of all, he excels as a coach.  He is able to inspire anyone – from the absolute beginner to the proficient and experienced fighter – to bring out their best. He has coached countless individuals and teams over the last fifteen years, from children to Olympic fighters, and trained both Sittichai “Killer Kid” (number one lightweight in the world) &Thongchai “The Terminator” (top ten middleweight) Sitsongpeenong at the very highest level.  

To each student he brings the same combination of technical proficiency, astute observation and gentle humour.  Many of those he has coached have become and remained his friends. He is intelligent, articulate and inspirational, and together you and he will bring out your best.


Sombat Netsomboon

Meo(Supatapee Dejrat)

28 Feb 1987 (31 years old)Competed more than

200 times fights

155 win 50 loss 5 draw (total13 years fight )

-Champion of Rajadamnern Stadium 47.5kg

-Champion of S1 47.5kg (Onesongchai)

-Champion of 18 province Muay Thai Lanna

Sutpatapee is one of the best trainers in Northern Thailand for sure and there are so many female fans because of his proper coaching style as well as his amazing personality ; honest, generous and understated (Less Talk More Work)  He is the man who represents the real Thai gentleman ! 

His coaching can suit for all level from the Beginner to Advanced students. 

Booking for Personal lesson by Sutpatapee Maew from here !


Anan Singthong (Joe)

31 July 1994 (23 years old)Competed more than 216 fights 141 Win  74 Losses 1draw

-Top 10 Lumpini stadium in 2015

-Wushu national team in 2014

-Champion of Wushu (Thailand National Game) 42th

-Athlete Award of Sanda

- Fighter of Pechsupapan (Lumpini Satadium)

-Champion of Wushu 2 times (Sport Education)

37th & 38th

Joe is yet another rising star in our Camp. He is not only a young passionate instructor, but also still an active professional Muay Thai Fighter. Although he had already great fight records, he knows how severe and difficult to win. He is the guy who understand and share the anguish that all fighters faces. He can be your best sparring partner. Let's share and achieve your own goal together with Joe !

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